Dr. Laurence R. Rifkin, D.D.S.

Dear Katja,

I wanted to express my congratulations on your exceptional and wonderful product of Perfect 10, Superfood.  Thank you so much for creating it.

I have been using and enjoying it for a few months now and I have felt a noticeable difference since adding it to my diet and health program.  The differences have been remarkable.  As you know I am very active.   I work out daily and have an energy depleting profession as a dentist, requiring clear thinking and focus at all times during my patient care.  I love what I do and now have even more energy to perform both of these endeavors.

I am just recently 65 years old and had made a decision a few years ago that I would do everything I could to enhance my health including regular daily exercise, better eating habits, improved sleep and consulting with an anti-aging physician who looks at health comprehensively.  I fortunately enjoy excellent health and felt I was doing everything right.  Surprisingly, after trying and taking your superfood I feel even better than before.  I am thrilled about Perfect 10.  It even has improved my digestion.

I am also a dentist as you already know and do not endorse products without scientific support or personal experience.  My professional reputation is everything to me and I have never accepted any financial compensation to endorse any product or service.

As such, I wanted to express what must be shared that your product is important to me and should be to everyone.  I hope many more people will try it and see the differences in their health and energy.  I am in the health profession and I enjoy helping feel better and be healthy.

Once again, congratulations on this product.  I know you have created it from your heart and passion for helping others.


Dr. Laurence R. Rifkin, D.D.S.



About the Doctor

Dr. Laurence Rifkin is a pioneering aesthetic and scientific authority among dental professionals as well as the medical community as a whole.
He has received the following accreditations: 





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