The world’s first food supplement to unite the Top 10 Superfoods!

Made of the finest, hand selected and certified organic ingredients.

Ancient wisdom. Manufactured by EU standards.


All ingredients are declared on the label.


L.A. Star Greens is always preservative free.


L.A. Star Greens trusts that nature is sweet enough.

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L.A. Star Greens, Perfect 10 Superfood

Celebrity Fans

What the stars in L.A. say about Perfect 10

“Oh, this tastes great! I do use superfoods. But mine are not so yummy! Congratulations on making something that usually tastes bad taste so good!”

Tricia HelferAward winning actress

“I love all the ingredients in here! But I have never seen them in one product! This is amazing!”

Olivia ChengActress

“I am doing a juice cleanse right now, this is perfect for me! This tastes so good, are you sure this is healthy? I love it!”

Mekhi PhiferAward winning actor

“I like this! Oh, and it is made in Europe? Well then I am definitely a fan!”

Martin LandauOscar winning actor

“Mhhh, this tastes good! My girls love it too. So you passed the test! They are the toughest critics!”

Daniel BaldwinAward winning Actor, Producer, Director

“That’s cool! Tastes good. I’ll have a cup on the go.”

Machine Gun KellyRapper & Actor

“How cute is this packaging! I love it! My sister tells me I should do superfoods. She swears by it. I am definitely going to try this!”

Christina MilianAward winning Actress & Singer

“I love it! I am in New York, where can I buy it? What is your smoothie recipe? I am afraid if I mix it it won’t taste that great.”

Alexander DinelarisOscar Winner, Writer & Producer

My promise to you

All L.A. Star Greens ingredients are carefully hand selected and certified organic.

L.A. Star Greens takes great pride in only using the finest ingredients.

Some ingredients are harvested by hand in remote regions of the world.

Like the L.A. Star Greens organic acai and camu- camu berry.

Our maca and red maca are also harvested by hand.

All L.A. Star Greens fruit and grass ingredients are planted by using certified organic seeds.

They are all grown in clean, nutrient rich, certified organic soil.

With lots of sunlight to make them even tastier.

L.A. Star Greens organic chlorella is carefully washed by hand. Then rapidly dried to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients.

I personally spent over one year to find all ingredients used for Perfect 10 in the quality I can now proudly present to you.

All L.A. Star Greens ingredients are tested on a regular basis.

Additionally, to ensure nutrient rich goodness, L.A. Star Greens Perfect 10 is tested by a

world- renowned institute in Germany.

I chose to manufacture L.A. Star Greens in Europe because the food law is very strict.

L.A. Star Greens is proud to be certified organic by Austria Bio Garantie 

The L.A. Star Greens Perfect 10 box is made from 80% recycled materials.

Our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled materials.

L.A. Star Greens is free of preservatives, additives and fillers of any kind. All ingredients are declared on the label.

I never compromise. Only the best ingredients are good enough.

This is my personal promise to you.

Thank you for choosing L.A. Star Greens!


Katja Eiblmayr, creator and owner of L.A. Star Greens



What is Certified Organic?

Simply put: it means that EVERYTHING, from the very seed of a plant, to the soil it grows in, to the packaging and storage facility the finished product is stored in has to be pesticide free.

What is the deal with Raw Food?

Raw food means a food has not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius).

What is a SuperFood?

A SuperFood is a food with a significantly higher amount of nutrients than other food.L.A. STAR Greens is very proud to have selected the top 10 SuperFoods for Perfect 10

What is GMO?

GMO stands for “Genetically Modified Organism”.If you want to follow a diet and lifestyle as close to what Mother Nature is creating for us, you may want to choose products that are certified organic as a gold standard.

What does Vegan mean?

Vegan means no animal products whatsoever are being used.

Be wise...

Some companies try to benefit from your wish to live a more natural lifestyle. Terms like “organic” or “natural” are used loosely to get consumers attention.



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